English Lessons for Business Professionals


Administration Team

Skilled Business English was born from the desire to help business professionals of all levels, learn the necessary English to compete in the business world; whether you are a beginner, applying for a new job, or an experienced executive.

We offer expert training for all levels of students, by qualified and experienced native teachers. Skilled Business English is focused on the specific training of English to the business professional or executive by real experts.



With 14 years of business experience as a general manager and owner of several small businesses, Landon leads the school with direct involvement between teacher and student. Landon is bilingual and holds a Degree as well as international qualifications for teaching English as a Foreign Language and certified to teach Business English (CTBE). In 2009 he created and ran a program for English as a Foreign Language for locals in his community. In his free time he enjoys playing the guitar and relaxing with family and his 2 dogs. 



Director Of Studies

Kyle has a Master’s Degree in Business Psychology and has 9 years of Project management experience in a large corporation. He has taught in several areas over the past 13 years, which include: Project Management, Inventory Management, Enterprise Resource Management, Behavioral Statistics & Psychology of corporations. Kyle is internationally certified in TESL. In his spare time you can find him playing the guitar, playing soccer, and reading. Kyle is an energetic teacher and students all seem to like working with him. Be prepared to speak when learning with Kyle. He will force you into talking with him and having real conversations. 



Director of Curriculum and Language Arts

Sahira holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Her major specialty is Curriculum and Instruction. With 7 years of professional teaching experience to Bi-lingual learners, Sahira has a wealth of knowledge in designing lessons and teaching students of all backgrounds. Sahira has worked as a public school English teacher. In her free time she likes to travel, read, and spend time with her family. 



Academic Services Administrator

David has worked in corporate America for over 30 years. He has worked as a specialist for top brands and firms across the US. He served for many years as President and General Manager of a construction corporation in Texas. David has traveled throughout much of the world and has worked in many cultures. In his free time you can find him studying new languages, fishing, and spending time with his family.