English Lessons for Business Professionals


Skilled Business English is NOT just ‘self-paced course notes’, or a subscription to read prepared English lessons. Those types of courses are not ideal for language learning. We offer real 1-on-1 instruction between teacher and student. Your proficiency level is carefully analyzed, and a Business English Learning Program is determined just for you. Lessons focus on the essentials of language learning including:

Fluency | Comprehension | Grammatical Accuracy | Expanding Vocabulary | Speaking Naturally | Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

We are business professionals ourselves. Our instructors have worked in Finance, Marketing, IT, Management, and Law.

Each student will be given a placement test to determine his English proficiency level. It is important to establish a Gap Analysis and determine the proper Lesson Plan for the individual student and his/her goals. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or if you are an advanced English speaker; we will find the proper plan for you to achieve fluency.

Our teaching methods are individualized for you. You will be learning completely 1-on-1 with your instructor, using interactive screen sharing lessons. Your Lesson Plan will be tailored specifically to your needs; whether you are trying to advance in the world of Finance, you need help expanding you vocabulary, reducing your accent, and building confidence for an interview for a career in IT, or you plan to move to an English speaking country and compete in the business world.

Our individualized lessons and interpersonal conversations with qualified instructors and experienced business professionals is the best way to achieve fluency.

Each 1-on-1 lesson is $35 and last for approximately one hour. Make sure to contact us for package pricing. 


Contact us now at support@skilledbusinessenglish.com for your free Proficiency Analysis and individualized Learning Plan to begin learning immediately.